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Aries could get stuck trying to be right, and Taurus can get stuck stubbornly resisting change

oh so true


This is how I do it !

I got 21 today!

Full of  Spirit!

I Witness

that they had fought for their ultimate rights..

Major Richard Winters a.k.a Dick Winters

Christopher McCandless a.k.a Alexander Supertramp

Harvey Milk

Bob Marley

Munir Said Thalib

oh, you can’t push yourself too hard to be ‘remembered’.

Rest In Peace, Lads!

I got a scar!

not so bad

maybe it is a reward

Rememory Campus Madness, SORGE 2008.

I miss being in gigs.

Miss my blog, I wanna cry. (blah)

Hey you,

I’m home already, for you who doesn’t know where I’ve been, I’ve been opnamed at the hospital. I posted before that I got a fever. Well it is not a usual fever in fact, it leads me to 9 days at the hospital. Well if you wanna know, I got Hepatitis level A. I am shocked, still. So for you who often eat unorganizedly, be aware of this desease. But I’m happy now. I don’t see doctors and nurses walking around. Cos It sucks.

I totally got HEART issue.

As in literal or in idiomatic situation. LOL LOL LOL

Deja vu

“You got your
Big teeth with your big bite
You’re ripping off the wrong tag shaking off the right
Can you sink ships with your pink thighs?
The skin of the city is shaking at the sight
Of her, of her, of her, of her
It’s deja vu” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

do not copy without my permission

A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love,
listens but doesn’t believe.
-Marilyn Monroe


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