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It was ended and begun well

And I hope it marks a year of voyage


Saturday I

When the green grass and the sun rays became only the promise of sheer in this Saturday, I went to Museum of Bank Mandiri with a friend. Hitting the road, having foot blisters and of course, Sleep walking..

I Started a Joke

But the joke, was on me..

The Runaway (minus ‘S’)

Hi, how are you all.. it is always good for me to come back to this blog after long-messed-up moments I’ve been through in this continuous life. Well, there aren’t much stories I can tell you here, even though these past few weeks I feel ups and downs like all regular human do cope with. I’m a quiet type and less-talkin about my shits.

I went to India last month. It was great but I couldn’t stand its traffic and heat wave, since it’s summer there. I felt dehydrated. But that country treats its heritages and embrace its cultures anywhere and in any form, so I love it. And I hope I can go back there someday. Then I went to Pulau Seribu this month, located above Java island on north Jakarta. I laid back, buoying off across the sea and under the sky with Marley’s songs chimed in behind my ears, and did regular basic  holiday beach activity, which is snorkeling and so on. Think I can still use another vacation (like mountain trekking?). Lol

I don’t know if it’s bad or not that I enjoy being away from home and leasuring. Maybe I should make it as my job after I graduate. But there’s no job that unrequire your devotion over tasks, is there? even though travelling is sweet, make it as your occupation may not impress you along the road. I can name one occupation that related with travelling. A TV show reporter who’s reviewing places or countries she visited to their watchers. I bet that she won’t be able to leasure anytime she wants. She gotta stick with tight schedules and energy so she can’t lay back on the city and save for her next takes. What she knows afterwards is preparing to go back home (and office). So yeah, I’m gonna think twice saying I want that job (for now). haha

But I believe everything has its pluses and minuses. Even that TV reporter job. Anyway, I would gladly enjoy anything outside my house. I feel myself so much. and I feel like having a beach house someday, or a wooden house on top of the hill. Dreams are free right? haha.. I’m not much expecting for it to happen. I can work on what I’m facing now and let future impresses me. Yes, I don’t buy future plan. I save money for my future, but I don’t picturize what it’d look like ahead. I’m not thrilled by the trigger of having this having that, going here, going there, become this, become that. I’m just not. I’m pretty much a ‘NOW’ person. I enjoy the process, and not the result.

Why so? cos I think result can turn to impress or unimpress anyone. I don’t need sedation of how wonderful my life will be. I feel it wonderful now. content and grateful. There’s not much for me to ask.

from travelling to gratitude.

Yes this writing topic quite jump off from one to another. hehe My first purpose to make this blog was so I can whine about things I’ve become sentimental with. Where I could write phenomenon that happens. But who doesn’t need a break. I’m pouring my random mind now. I don’t really care.

Oh yeah, It’s been three months I don’t smoke up. Man, it’s hard sometimes. lol

so here are photos I took on my travels moment, you may take a look or you may spit anything you like on it.  SPIT UP!

Amer Fort (Amber Fort)The infamous Taj Mahal

and few from Pulau Seribu, North Jakarta.


As human-being, I have so many flaws. I have huge amount of laziness running inside my body. I like to chill a lot when I had time. I don’t wanna move my legs out of a couch or a bed. I could share a time with only mp3s , books and unidentified minds every time I want to. I know this isn’t my very moment to pronounce I’m a hi-grade being. Oddly, in a holiday, I have these very urges to change my flaws into goodness and at the end produce something. This writing is one realization.

I’d like to issue a deeply measured thought now. About something that’s going on in life. About everyday things I’ve been seeing and bugging by. I have these secret eyes in identifying social rhymes and acts thingy. I believe I’m not a professor in that, or a psychiatrist. But I think I can see the universe differently. At least from the eyes of my surroundings attached in me. I tend to see that my eyes and heart cannot be told by norms or traditions like what to choose, what to hear, when to think, how to act etc. I’ve been hearing people talking about some issues and respond it way too bluntly. By this I mean, they never consider what each actors (of some issues) have been dealing with or feeling about the day before things happened. They just right away bluntly JUDGE their morality.

People do judge, but being very judgmental to each other.

They measure other’s capabilities and lacks. They grade people with terms Good or Bad. Good will always stay and be good, and so does bad. I declare contrary here.  Then again, I am too lazy to explain in writing. But look, I’m t.r.y.i.n.g here. I believe in relativity. I believe something happens for a reason, for a complicated one or just blunt action (but then again, those blunt actions were happened for a matter).

Someone ‘being’ bad is often compared to someone good on television or in our real life. A neighbor finding herself got entered to famous university and our brother didn’t, then goes the comparison. Again, I’m not giving you a story. I’m pouring my concern in a lazy lazy way. Other instance, you yelled on your mother, then you’re labeled as a bloody child. I mean, there’s something going on here, at the UNIVERSE we’re living in. Don’t people measure anymore, and analyze a bit in domestic things? At our houses, at our offices, at our campuses? How and why that ‘bad-beings’ tend to act like BAD robbers, who just robbed someone’s days. There must be a reason to it. To EVERYTHING.

I just got my first nephew, her name is Jeivalma. She’s so damn cute. And even she’s not my own, is my sister’s ‘belonging’, I wanna caress her my way. How world works. That we have our own places and time to think and be smart. I know she’s too little to digest her aunty’s blunt minds which are superior (lol). But for now, I will only help my sister caring for her and let her&husband do the rest. I’ll use my mind for my own benefits. I do gain advantages with this mind.

So my advice, see the world’s diversities! Sell yourself to knowledge spread across it. Learn and apply ‘em to your own life. Don’t get confused too many times and whining about why and how something happened, don’t get mad too long on something. I wanna say, girls and boys they’re not completely different. Maybe boys have little less amount of intuition but they’ll manage everything. Maybe girls have too many concerns on feelings but without these touches world won’t rotate smoothly. (These are minimum advices from me on ‘girls are from Venus & boys are from Mars’ thingy which already makes teenagers or even 20ish confused on understanding opposite sexes)

Well then again, I’d like to bold this one, FEEL THE DIFFERENCES. It’s something big and hard to do, but you’ll be a very rich person. And LESS JUDGING If you see me as a complete messed-up, I don’t care. This is the way I’ve been using for my life. I’m glad and even more thankful because of it.


women (above) and men (below) wear contrast Sarees and “hats” in Jaipur, India.

(below saying) “Do you see the different in cultures??!”

Visit Indonesia

I post this in regards that this May 25-27th 2010, world is having “THE GLOBAL TRAVEL & TOURISM SUMMIT” in Beijing.

So it wouldn’t hurt for me exposing my country’s exotic sceneries and rich cultures. We “go cheap”, you won’t spend loads of your dollars or any other currencies to experience those moments in the video.

Unlike any other countries which set very high rates on their hotels, transportation, culinary, but very few offers of tourists spots, you could set a price on your own here. You may pick luxurious trip, or “backpacking”. They’re all worth it.

Trust me, there are a lot to see in Indonesia. For you who do photography on nature landscapes and eventful moments, my country is the queen of beauty, your eyes will be pleased and embraced easily.

To be noted, our country is still developing. But the capital city (Jakarta) expresses  elegant metropolitan society. From expensive malls to low-prices flea markets, hi-rates restaurants to side walk dishes,from  motels to 5 stars hotels, everything is here.

So to tourists who are about to begin a delightful journey, look Indonesia up in your “Lonely Planet” book.  😀

See you here.

Swam with them in Karimun Jawa.


Luangkan waktu di Jogjakarta

Minggu lalu gua baru aja balik dari liburan bersama sekumpulan teman ke Jogjakarta. Tempat yang terkenal dengan batik, gudeg, dan nuansa Keratonnya. Gua bepergian dengan tiga orang teman menggunakan kereta. Liburan yang direncanakan kurang lebih dua bulan ini, berlangsung sangat menyenangkan. Gua melakukan backpacking dan berbudget pas-pasan alias tidak lebih sama sekali.

Gua stay di sebuah losmen di daerah Jl. Sosrowijayan, Malioboro bernama Losmen Lucy, yang pemiliknya bernama Ibu Lucy. Losmen yang cukup friendly, bersih, kamar yang cukup luas dan sangat terjangkau dengan harga Rp 60.000 per malam. Banyak turis asing yang menginap di sana dan stay berbulan-bulan. Informasi gua dapatkan dari Internet dan buku Lonely Planet to Indonesia. (Jl. Sosrowijayan merupakan jalan yang terkenal akan hotel-hotel murahnya.)

Kematangan rencana dan lengkapnya informasi tentang Jogja tersebut memberikan berbagai macam kentungan buat gua dan teman-teman. Di sini, gua akan berbagi tips suapaya lo dapat menikmati liburan yang menyenangkan tanpa budget yang tinggi untuk Jogjakarta.

Pertama-tama, gua menggunakan kereta Fajar Utama jurusan Stasiun Tugu, Jogjakarta dari Stasiun Pasar Senen, Jakarta jam 6.20 pagi. Tiket seharga Rp 100.000.- Harga tersebut digolongkan dengan kelas Bisnis non-AC. Kalo lo mau memilih kereta Eksekutif yang AC, lo cukup mengeluarkan kocek sebesar Rp 220.000,-. Tapi karena kemarin gua ngga perlu naik yang AC, gua dan teman-teman memutuskan untuk membeli tiket kereta Rp 100.000,-

Di perjalanan menuju Jogjakarta, gua melihat pemandangan-pemandangan alam pedesaan yang masih alami dan asri. Terutama di daerah Prupuk. Pemandangan alam yang menakjubkan, terdapat gunung-gunung, sawah dan sungai di kejauhan. Pas buat lo yang haus akan suasana pedesaan, karena muak melihat asap kendaraan di perkotaan. Perjalanan memakan waktu selama delapan jam. Kalo lo bercanda dengan teman-teman, tentu waktu yang lama tersebut tidak akan terasa.

Setelah sampai St. Tugu, gua langsung ke losmen di Jl. Sosrowijayan. Tinggal jalan aja uda sampe. Lo ga perlu menghiraukan tukang becak yang menawari ini itu. Karena sangat dekat sekali (lo keluar lewat bagian belakang stasiun). Setelah itu gua berjalan-jalan menghabiskan malam di jalan Malioboro yang hiruk pikuk akan pedagang kerajinan kayu dan batik. Harga-harga barang yang terjangkau dan unik sangat menggugah selera lo yang senang belanja. (Jangan bawa baju banyak-banyak, sediakan tas kosong untuk bawa oleh-oleh pas pulang.)

Esok harinya, gua dan teman-teman berencana untuk pergi ke pantai yang terkenal dengan mitos Nyi Roro Kidulnya, yaitu Pantai Parang Tritis. Kalo lo ke Jogja dan mo kesana, lo ngga perlu bingung. Cukup dengan naik Busway jurusan Terminal Giwangan dengan harga Rp 3000,- saja, lalu dilanjutkan dengan bus-bus kecil yang pergi ke Pantai tersebut. Lo tanya aja jurusan Parang Tritis. Perjalanan ke sana memakan waktu 30-45 menit saja. Tergantung “ngetem”nya si abang. Ongkos sekali jalan Rp 10.000,- dan langsung turun di depan pantainya. Sangat mudah.

Untuk pulang ke terminal Giwangan lagi, bus hanya terdapat sampai batas jam 17.15 saja. Lebih dari itu, lo ngga bisa pulang naik bis. Karena jam 6 angkutan umum di Jogja sudah tidak beroperasi lagi.

Parang Tritis merupakan pantai yang sangat indah, di sebelah kiri pantai tersbut ada bukit besar yang mengelilingi pantainya.

Setelah cape main di pantai, kita semua pulang dan makan di daerah Maliboro. Di sana terdapat makanan murah dan bermacam-macam. Tetapi lo harus jeli dalam memilih tempat makannya. Karena tempat makanan lesehan ada yang mahal dan ada yang murah. Lo bisa makan nasi gudeg ato pecel yang lesehan. Ato makan sate lontong di depan Benteng Vredeburg dengan harga Rp 4000,-. Pertamanya sih gua agak ragu karena takut makanan tersebut stock lama, tapi ternyata ngga dan lama-lama gua keenakan lalu nambah. Muahhahaha. Berat badan langsung naik selama di Jogja.

Keesokan harinya, gua dan teman-teman melanjutkan perjalan ke Candi Borobudur. Sebuah candi Budhist yang termasuk 7 keajaiban dunia. Transportasi yang gua pakai adalah busway ke terminal Giwangan dan lanjut dengan bus-bus yang ke Borobudur. Seperti Cemara Tunggal dll. Ongkos perjalanan dari terminal Giwangan hanya Rp 12.000,-

Gua mengelilingi candi yang sangat megah tersebut. Memang unik dan besar sekali. Serta konon katanya, kalo lo ke atas, dan megang patung buddha, lalu berdo’a, maka keinginan lo terkabul. Gua si ngga percaya, tapi toh gua lakuin juga. Hehehe..

Hari terakhir gua ke Keraton. Sebuah istana kesultanan Jogjakarta yang terkenal akan Sultan Hamengkubuwono ke-9 nya. Sampe sekarang sih masi terkenal, tp kayanya sultan yang happening banget tuh, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono ke-9. yang pernah menjabat sebagai Wakil Presiden RI dan Menteri HANKAM kita dulu, yaitu Bpk. Dorojatun.

Di Keraton, masih banyak terdapat abdi dalam Sri Sultan. Mereka menggunakan pakaian adat khas Jogja plus blangkonnya. Masuk ke Keraton seharga Rp 5000,-. Kalo turis asing Rp 12.500 izin foto plus Rp 1000,- murah lah.

Yang pengen gua kasi tau, ketika lo menikmati keindahan Jogjakarta, lo jangan mau di tawarin tukang becak gitu aja. Mereka menawarkan harga dorong becak cukup miring. Yaitu berkisar Rp 3000-5000,- saja, lo bisa kemana-mana. Emang sih, lo dibawa mengitari Jogja. Tapi lo akan dibawa kepertokon-pertokoan yang belum tentu lo mau. Contohnya nih, “Mbak, becak Mbak, ke bakpia, dagadu Cuma Rp 3000, Mbak”. Kalo lo emang maunya beli bakpia dan Dagadu ya oke. Tapi kalo lo ngga mau, jadinya bete. Mang belanja Cuma di bakpia dan Dagadu aja. Kan ngga juga. Ehhehe..

Lagian ya, gua pengen bilangin, kaos-kaos jenaka bermerk Dagadu yang asli itu cuma ada di Malioboro Mall. Bukan di Gang-gang ato jalan-jalan lainnya. Itu palsu semua. Tukang becak dan konco-konconya aja yang bilang asli padahal palsu. Terus kalo lo mo bakpia, lo beli bakpia yang bermerk Bakpia “25”, “75” dan lain-lain. Karena selain itu, rasa bakpianya kurang legit. Bahkan ada yang di plesetin Bakpia “52” dan Bakpia “57”. Angkanya doang yang dibalik, namun rasanya biasa aja.

Kalo backpacking lo harus udah siap dengan uang yang akan lo gunakan untuk belanja dan makan. Serta antisipasi jika kekurangan. Mendingan uang jangan di taro di dompet semua. Tapi yang perlu di kantong aja. Terus, taro di ATM setengahnya. Biar kalo kecopetan uang, masih bisa ngambil ATM. Kartu ATM juga jangan di dompet.

Perjalanan dengan budget sederhana seperti ini sangat sering dibilang kere or something. Padahal justru lo dapat mengelillingi suatu daerah yang belom pernah lo kenal dengan maksimal dengan mencari informasi-informasi yang tepat. Tips gua sih jangan males nelfon Costumer Service TELKOM 108. karena berguna banget untuk nanya apa aja. Kalo lo mau nanya Costumer Service PT. KA lo cukup pijit nomor 021-6916060 untuk nanya harga tiket dan jurusan. Khusus Jakarta. Kalo daerah lain, telfon aja 108 dan tanya call center PT. KA-nya.

Jogjakarta merupakan kota yang pas sebagai kota tujuan lo untuk berbackpacking. Kota tersebut menjadi tempat debut gua berjalan-jalan sederhana tanpa orangtua. Hahaha…. Dan gua jadi ingin melakukannya lagi-lagi dan lagi ke kota yang lain, bahkan pulau-pulau yang belum tersentuh turis. (muahahahha ngayal).

Kebudayaan Jawa yang lembut dan sopan, kultur yang menarik dengan berbagai macam kerajinan tangannya. Dan kekhasan kekaisaran Keratonnya yang di puji oleh berbagai Negara di dunia merupakan daya tarik kota Jogja. Itulah Jogjakarta. Lo harus kesana.

berikut adalah beberapa foto-foto yang gua ambil di jogja:

Pictures by Meutia Ananda

1. Stasiun Tugu, Jogjakarta

2. Pasar Beringharjo, Malioboro (grosir batik)

3. Pantai Parang Tritis

4. Candi Borobudur

5. Bank Indonesia, Malioboro

6. Railway to Jogja