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365 Challenge Moving Out



365 Challenge: #3

365 Challenge: #2

365 Challenge: #1


2011 Works

Bazaar Wedding Ideas Edisi Kedua 2011

Bazaar Januari 2012

Photographer: Stanley Allan

DI: Meutia Ananda

*All photographs are courtesy of BAZAAR Magazine

Trying New Things

While scouting locations for tomorrow’s photoshoot, we tried our new ‘muses’ 🙂

it was a one fine ‘location scouting’

My Give Back: Vibrant Photoshop Tone for Free #1

This afternoon I decided to give you a freebie to enhance your photoshop tone collection. My niece Jeima became the model today and we had fun scouting locations in the neighborhood. I feel like giving back to society these days. Especially for ones who are interested and loving photography as much as I do. It is so fun ‘nerding’ around in Photoshop, so why not sharing with you 🙂

Picture before toned:

(I did make efforts to make her look at my camera but all failed :p )

Picture after toned:

You may download the PSD file here and don’t forget to say hello after using it 🙂 It is not for sale just for personal use and about having a good time. So, enjoy toning around!

ps: you may want to adjust the layers (or masking it) after applying my tone to your photos. Simply click Command + T or CTRL + T to have the best shape.

When Upset

So Right

Photographers are generally in business to make money so they can keep shooting! But that’s a very superficial level of photography—shooting what is saleable

‘ @TheTeeLovers ‘

What I did just tonight:

Having a photo shoot with girls who talk bluntly and pose like there’s no gaps between us. Love it. This project called Tees and Scissors; is created by two determined girls from Indonesia. @ouchayeah and @pupuut . Starting something is never easy, but I believe as hell it’ll worth your sweat at the end. Happy to be involved in the session and spend my Friday night geewd.