The fast paced Life

by M. A

Fast forward to two years

Here we are in 2015

I skipped two years in writing my personal thoughts

Each time I go back to this place, I read my previous thoughts and felt like I suffered the most two years ago. Where episodes of panick attacks and depresion hit my days.

I’ve been working my ass off to get here. And it’s still nowhere. And I am both scared and happy to be where I am today. 

In the beginning of this year, I rent a house and build a portrait studio that I can utilize for my shootings. It’s not much but I have fun with it.

I never thought I would have my own place this fast. This make me both anxious and excited and anxious. 

In the future, I want to invest more in myself. I want to take it easy on physical gains and train myself for more insights and mindfulness.

I really hope I remember this promise.