Why Would I Want Your Presence Anyway?

by M. A


It is such a waste of time. Why would I want your presence anyway? Just to be stab in the back over time.
Why would I want you anyway? To be only secluded by unhealthy mentality
Why would I want us to be friend anyway? Just to drive your package 5 hours on the road only to be told ‘Gue lupa ngasi tau lo gue ga disitu lagi’ and arriving at the destination just to hear ‘sorry ngerepotin’ and at the end seen my presence as your kurir and servants, to only see something that I really would kill myself with.
You are no better than substance.
No better than anything else in the world.
You have my friends, go ahead, I don’t take people.
Yes, I like your boss.
Yes, I would have a new environment after this.
I want a non-abusive relationship. Maybe as our physics are fine, our mentals, psychological, emotional aren’t capable to mend the situation. You better go eat your fucking perspective shit.
No, I don’t have commitment issue. Before you, I have 9 years relationship. I commit my fucking self. Until I see why I cannot be with him anymore.
You are not my first. Won’t be my last either.
I have too many unsolved issues with you. I could go crazy with it.
Only to hear, ‘What you say is hurt. Then you’ll say you don’t mean your words’
I mean all of my fucking world. I meant them all.
Situation like this makes it vivid.
You won’t know, it feels thousand times better with someone else.
No, I won’t get deluded again