Self Appreciation

by M. A


How are you? I always blog like I’m sending someone a special e-mail. The difference is I won’t send my clients some bitter words. I turn 23 today. I have congratulate myself saying “Ah, happy birthday to me. More serious this year”. That came up naturally. I wanted to say it because I know one hour away, my birthday will be others’ celebration and not mine. So I love saying ‘happy birthday’ to myself. Pathetic yet comforting. I won’t let anyone do it for me.

Usually if I’m blogging, it means 140 words can’t handle it well. Twitter sucks at delivering things in your head that need some elaboration. Anyhow, follow my twitter for more wasteful stories. Gonna be back soon. Cos I thought I want to blog, but after typing this, I’d rather sleep. ha! this is how liberating my ‘blog world’ is.