by M. A

To be a person that knows it all, it’s crap.

People assume, believe and spread rumors, it’s sad.

I have assumption as well but I try to ignore any assumption since assuming never make me happy, so I leave it alone.

People should know that I don’t want to know their business since I got nothing to do with it and it doesn’t give me any great feeling when I deal with one. I would leave others’ business alone and taking care of mine.

People expect too much these days out of unexpected occurrence. You can make life certain, assured and all, but something unexpected is always come up the whole time. It’s just a matter of choice. Who you decide to be? a whiner? an optimist? a pessimist? or a realist? a dreamer or just a blaming-mediocre when things don’t come up as you’ve expected? Me? I’ll become a grateful one who’s given a chance to look wider about life and deeper at the same time.

In my life (not theirs, not yours, not hers, or his but mine), I live up to something really good to hear, see, taste and touch. Yes it makes me happy. Compromising too much doesn’t make me a happy person, assuming will only suffocate my feeling, and talking with bunch of conservatives will just waste my time. But inside this full-metal look person, I’m very sensitive and considerate. But you should see that I don’t really mind and I’m not really mad when ones are taking advantage out of my silence. Cos you know, in silence, I pretend that you don’t exist so I could feel my mind and be happy about it. Considering feelings is too much already because people like to be considered and sometimes they want for more. That is normal, but I give up providing consideration for ones who doesn’t deserve my respect at the first place.

It’s my call cos it’s my life. You can make yours. And we can still live in this universe by respecting our own ‘zones’. Wall exists. That easy.. : )