‘Funny’ People

by M. A

When I’m wrong, I speak to ones I do wrong. I seek for an understanding as a fair barrier between two parties or more. I have a problem, I react badly and I admit it. I never proud of doing what I do. I just want some fairness. That when people do others wrong, be a wise man. Man makes mistakes. We all do. So why putting your ego in front of you and wear it like a necklace everywhere. That’s not me. I’m not wearing my ego as jewelry. It’s something stupid people would do.

I’m currently facing this deal. You know, I’ve admitted, I’ve come to find a better understanding. Hoping that it all ends. But some people do not want that and carrying their ‘jewels’ everywhere. It’s funny. How people who fake their truest being n cover it with ego make me laugh so hard. Because of what? Because it’s never the way. Because it’s silly.. It’s funny.. It tickles me how ‘mature’ people being so immature. Like a glass I can still look through. It’s me you’re all dealing with, not just ‘another’ person.

So, I’m just gonna be this person and not gonna fake everything. I never do that. It’s all good that we have our walls.. It means you’re not gonna touch my authority, and.. fuck you