What my bro said about my situation

by M. A

“I understand the idea of what common folks do. Must be fuckin hard to blend with those people. What I can understand from you, when you don’t like something, you’re not gonna deal with them and go back to your safe place. I can only guess that you run out of safe zone. That can’t be good. Cos we have to deal with those common folks, anytime anywhere. They don’t care how we struggle to keep smiling in shitty situation. That’s why people like us must have our own safe place. That’s the place where we can do things comfort enough to enjoy and rest from the outside world. It’s not like when you struggle finding some good friends. Don’t hate them, cause they can’t outsmart you. Find the thin line between you and the outside world. Keep it in balance.

Grow close but just close enough where you still can decide things on your own. Just say the place you wanted to go, and say you want to go there alone. Just hold on to whatever will get you through. You have your dream and goal. You should be fine. Some people out there are still figuring out what to do, or what they’re after. It’s all the complexity of getting out and prove to the world that your being is as important as others. Running changes, Sut (me). Sometimes you need to swap friends, sometimes you got the wrong friend in your situation and you have to ask that person physically or verbally to please exit the scenario. And that’s the running change. You can’t pause the conversation. That’s your life in motion. You can do whatever you like with your life in motion. So it’s hard, I know. But if you don’t like it, decide that you wanna change it.”

love him enough to be my only brother in the world 🙂