About My People

by M. A

Bit bitter facts about Taureans which I compiled from @allabouttaurus twitter page. Would you spare some time to relate to my being and everything I say in daily basis? I’m so sorry to the ones involved with my stubbornness in this particular life, actually I just want the simplest thing in life, “to be okay”.

  • #Tauruses always give you something to dream, aspire or even think about this is who you are
  • #taurus hate repeating themselves 
  • #Taurus never complain about not having the right tools. We work with what we got 
  • A #taurus won’t tell you but they have already put their own life in phases and know how to act and what to expect in each phase
  • #Taurus are quiet unless they know you really well or they know they’ll never see you again
  • I don’t go around telling people I’m a #taurus but I couldn’t be anything else
  • If you think being hard headed is going to win a #tauruses respect U R so wrong be fragile, vulnerable, but honest with it that’s strength.
  • It feels as though a #taurus is creating moments even when your doing nothing
  • #Taurus have a natural magnetism to attract what they want
  • #Taurus work towards their goals at a methodical pace slow and steady
  • #Tauruses don’t care what anyone thinks about them
  • 9 out of 10 times you won’t like what a #taurus has to say but you always appreciate their strait forward honesty 
  • Should have, would have, could have is not in a #tauruses vocabulary. Instead they say ‘this is what it is, this is what I can do’
  • If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail, but life is what happens when you’re making plans soooooo…#taurus just chill and watch da show
  • #Taurus are consistent with good advice even if they don’t like you
  • You can have whatever you want from a #taurus but can you put away your ego long enough to ask nicely? If not #UGotABigProblem.
  • A #taurus opinions are not political they are good grounded logic based on a sense of fairness, justice, and common sense
  • #Taurus have to learn to let go
  • If you don’t like a #taurus get in line.
  • #Taurus needs regular sex to be the happiest
  • I’m a #taurus what makes you think I can’t smell your bullshit?
  • A #taurus will either do it or they won’t. Either way they won’t complain about it
  • A #taurus will never forget a favour but will also never forget a betrayal
  • A common misconception is to believe you can do things your own way when your in a relationship with a #taurus you will always do it ♉ way
  • #Taurus like to be spoken to softly
  •  #Taurus don’t trust or believe anyone a 100%…. nope
  • The constellation #Taurus is known as the ‘Judge’
  •  #Taurus is always thinkin’ of a way to work you into their plan
  • #Taurus only love arguments that lead to sex
  • #Taurus regards their partners as inspiration
  • As a #taurus you might ask the simplest question based on a the simplest observation and this is the one freaks people out
  • For a taurean it doesn’t have to be about the money but it’s got to be about something

Do these lines speak to you? :p