To Assume

by M. A

I sleep approximately 9 hours everyday. i have been this way or if not my day will be ruin. I have this small room which I rent and so dearly about it, i have a mess in here. In here i watch DVDs i wander and i drown my head in pillows somehow i don’t know what i do. it is so uncool not knowing what i wanna do when i know there are plenty of things i’d like to do. it is as well suck when i find myself not as deep as i was before, at least that’s what i assume.

routines are sucks like bunch of married folks years without affection with each other likes to say sacrifice has been made in order to please the partner. i assume routines come when i am too comfortable with what i have so i’d like to give tonight a twist. i know that there are plenty stories talking about broken hearts and breaking ups. i really don’t like the story about it because i assume why being together in the first place if you are gonna end up apart? i just don’t like somebody to give a preach about it cos i know for sure what is it like to be broken and drown in sorrow. when nobody is around and pretty much everything will not go any different to you.

so i like to hear about people making love not like in having sex. i love to hear someone is seduced by some other and get delusional about it. they think they are the only living creatures in the world but i assume it will be temporary. i think cynical part of me counted as me being deep. because when i am happy i turn out not thinking anything because fulfillment fills. and i really to beat myself tonight by twisting my brain that life is not as good as it is so i could assume myself to be deep monster again. i don’t like my routines to hang too long in me because i’m a cold-hearted one.

and now i began to sink deep in my own head and feelings and it is assumed as like i need something to take me higher which i don’t think will not cause me to go report to a police station. drugs are illegal everywhere and i don’t really need to catch up with those uniform creatures because i don’t fancy similarity. this is the way i force myself to look at weird things and begin to write with no purpose. because i want it, because it’s cold here at my place and i only have this blog so i post.