On Sunday, I roll

by M. A

This morning I decided to go outside, letting sun light come through my skin. I’m having breakfast on my own and hunting pictures downtown. Living in Bandung is undescribable. I can meet some decent tenders, families, even strangers connecting to each other. It’s really different from Jakarta. Sunday usually filled by laying around, staying at home or watcthing TV. I find it really boring. I’m having wonderful time in Bandung and I run out of time cos I’m about to graduate this midyear, leaving my dearly UNPAR. Even it sticks in mind that I might want to have another place on my own in Jakarta. Because I don’t like wasting my money on transportation or my health condition dealing with rushes to go to some place. Also, Indonesian fuel price is so damn expensive. It is really waste of everything living there. I’d like to move out of town.

So, I jogged a bit this morning, carryin my heavy camera bag (it helped me sweating, so i count it as jogging). Shooting at sporadic direction and go home after. I saw many people bicycling it’s quite a trend in here, but it is a good dedication to mother earth, I don’t give a damn about it. I wanna try to upload it in my long-untouched blog with slideshow feature, so I hope you enjoy it.

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