If you could live in any house you wanted to, what would it look like?

by M. A

hm, it would be very clean in the primary section. TV room, piano room. wood element is important but i dont want it to dominate the sphere. i want tidyness to dominate. and i want cozy lighting with comforting couches. and definitely wide space for kitchen cos id like to experience everything there. photography, cooking, sleeping, sneaking out fredgee food, or having sex.

and then i want one big wonderful paintings in the primary section. medium one for my bedroom. id like to have a yard too. to make photosession area of course. my own mixing studio, photo studio, or workshop? and one working room to contemplate anything. i like simplicity. contrast color would be only in one room, creativity room. white paint suits the rest of the room. id like to have wooden stairs, not marble!

i would want someone special to share it with. and id love some dogs too, husky fits the house. id like to have tiny bars too, not storing heavy drinks. but i like to mix things up make some cocktails with fruits.

i want a pool too. to murder somebody.. HAHAHAHA

i want a house that makes natural lighting and good air circulation! so i wont need to plug anything on daylight. suits my photo needs too. id love to have sexy bathroom with big glasses. HA! im so impulsive. ah what the hell, its gonna be my house anyway.

I get inspired by this vision:

ASK ME BLUNTLY! and I’ll Whisper.