Human as I See Them

by M. A

Human come to this world, born and educated. We breathe, we eat, having feelings, we learn. Human have needs. Human claim to fulfill their needs; It’s the needs of love, appreciation, recognition, attention, elaborating undiscovered skills they have and so on.

We overcome the blues that sadden us, we overcome obstacles upon our steps. Human are superior. We create our own worlds and be the king of it. Sometimes when we get bored with our worlds, we choose to sneak out for awhile and trespass into others’. Human are funny and brilliant.

But yet, human are so insecure inside. They make this set of frames so they can at least hold on to it. Those frames projected as beliefs; not only religion, but also other dimension that we’ve created to know where ourselves supposedly be putted. We create worlds in order to feel secure. Am I right?

Maybe some of you are against my point of view. I don’t care.

In order to feel secure, we seek oh-so-sacred dimension. We bow, then we’ll nod our heads. Human are silly.

Human are insecure they start to construct cruel vision of reality. But in my point of view, they just can’t overcome problems. They are drowned and they are panic. They are sunk on their own built worlds. Human need to help themselves, otherwise, who would do it? Well I do want to help. I will enlighten my friends’ burden if I got the chance. But, human are so fragile. They oppose beliefs that not suit with their own faith. They oppose freedom. They are scared if they’re free, there will be some huge sanction will come upon their heads. Human live under penalty. Some human are just able see others’ burdens, and I’m one of them.

So my friend,

You should think before you act. You should stand and feel assured by yourselves. You don’t need to be assured by so-called formality if you’re not feeling so. You should be confident because you got the ability to solve problems. You got that in your head. And you are smart enough not to be fooled by others’ assumption about you. Because my friend, they feel insecure too.



Human work to get what they want