Do you believe in God?

by M. A

hmm let me think..

I believe in God.. but it isn’t quiet fundamental and substantial in my life any more. If I could say the name, yes I believe in Allah SWT.

I believe that he is kind, and he is not strict and brutal like humankind. he is strong, he is open-minded, he understands humankind. he sees conflict within us in a very appropriate and mature way.

see, God is very different from us, Human. sometimes we are being so greedy, so immature, so unbalanced, so brutal.. we judge others by prejudices and without prompting to put ourselves in their position. sometimes we hurt people, we kill them, we spit on them, unlike us. God is very generous.

and I don’t believe in religion. I believe in holy Qur’an as when it talks about history of humankind and the generosity of prophets. but I don’t really buy its disallowances. I can’t stand reading a book that is so much cynical.. whatever book that is. bibles, self-help books, lalalala.. i just don’t play with that stuff. cos I always appreciate life as it is.

you know, i would make my short life as something that i’m really comfort being in. why should I do that? because, i don’t wanna feel misarable. i don’t believe that God puts us here to be miserable. instead, i believe we are here for a purpose, it’s to beautify the universe. and I’m hoping for a fucking peace among us. (seems i have trouble making peace with narrow-minded people with their narrow-minded ideas)

If I miss God, I pray. I still believe in his cosmic power, i do.

ASK ME BLUNTLY! and I’ll Whisper.