Do you believe in luck?

by M. A

Well, do you? I don’t believe in luck. I cannot put myself in a very high expectation that I would get what I really want, without really reaching for it to come true. So yeah, we often see quizzes thrown on TV, magazines or radio stations. I’ve never bought such thing. But my mom always gets excited when it comes up. Haha

I can get anything best, because I’m going for it. So yeah, mere of luck won’t get me anywhere. I don’t know why people still believe on fates or destinies. Those things are confusing, yet so simple. This is my 21 year of living, I don’t think that what I’ve met and got come from luck. I get what I get because I experienced it first, making a first step to get it. Luck and fates make humankind lazy. They are too lazy to challenge themselves, therefore they only hope and high expect on luck. Then, when luck disappoints them, they go brutally mad or sad.

Sad isn’t it..

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