I Need to Spit

by M. A

Imma trash

An old time kid who should be killed

They say time could wilt

I don’t care, I’m just givin life a wit

Of course there are needs

But I always enjoy time and don’t know when we outta meet

Sometimes I push things to the limit

Force all systems with my extra kit

But by all means I’m just doin the good deeds

Without noticin that my body needs to sit

My arms and feet

My eyes that tilt

I carry out all the hits

Without ever thinkin of the guilt

I throw the pitch

I keep on runnin, I pass by all pits

Grief can be my breakfast to eat

I never cheat

Cos silence has been my fire to lit

And happiness is too expensive to greet

I somehow think about those people I treat

That I’d dance gently, I forgot I got time to bid

Could I not be an old all time kid, who waits for life to wilt?

Well I need to spit

I don’t really  give a shit.