The Runaway (minus ‘S’)

by M. A

Hi, how are you all.. it is always good for me to come back to this blog after long-messed-up moments I’ve been through in this continuous life. Well, there aren’t much stories I can tell you here, even though these past few weeks I feel ups and downs like all regular human do cope with. I’m a quiet type and less-talkin about my shits.

I went to India last month. It was great but I couldn’t stand its traffic and heat wave, since it’s summer there. I felt dehydrated. But that country treats its heritages and embrace its cultures anywhere and in any form, so I love it. And I hope I can go back there someday. Then I went to Pulau Seribu this month, located above Java island on north Jakarta. I laid back, buoying off across the sea and under the sky with Marley’s songs chimed in behind my ears, and did regular basic  holiday beach activity, which is snorkeling and so on. Think I can still use another vacation (like mountain trekking?). Lol

I don’t know if it’s bad or not that I enjoy being away from home and leasuring. Maybe I should make it as my job after I graduate. But there’s no job that unrequire your devotion over tasks, is there? even though travelling is sweet, make it as your occupation may not impress you along the road. I can name one occupation that related with travelling. A TV show reporter who’s reviewing places or countries she visited to their watchers. I bet that she won’t be able to leasure anytime she wants. She gotta stick with tight schedules and energy so she can’t lay back on the city and save for her next takes. What she knows afterwards is preparing to go back home (and office). So yeah, I’m gonna think twice saying I want that job (for now). haha

But I believe everything has its pluses and minuses. Even that TV reporter job. Anyway, I would gladly enjoy anything outside my house. I feel myself so much. and I feel like having a beach house someday, or a wooden house on top of the hill. Dreams are free right? haha.. I’m not much expecting for it to happen. I can work on what I’m facing now and let future impresses me. Yes, I don’t buy future plan. I save money for my future, but I don’t picturize what it’d look like ahead. I’m not thrilled by the trigger of having this having that, going here, going there, become this, become that. I’m just not. I’m pretty much a ‘NOW’ person. I enjoy the process, and not the result.

Why so? cos I think result can turn to impress or unimpress anyone. I don’t need sedation of how wonderful my life will be. I feel it wonderful now. content and grateful. There’s not much for me to ask.

from travelling to gratitude.

Yes this writing topic quite jump off from one to another. hehe My first purpose to make this blog was so I can whine about things I’ve become sentimental with. Where I could write phenomenon that happens. But who doesn’t need a break. I’m pouring my random mind now. I don’t really care.

Oh yeah, It’s been three months I don’t smoke up. Man, it’s hard sometimes. lol

so here are photos I took on my travels moment, you may take a look or you may spit anything you like on it.  SPIT UP!

Amer Fort (Amber Fort)The infamous Taj Mahal

and few from Pulau Seribu, North Jakarta.