by M. A

As human-being, I have so many flaws. I have huge amount of laziness running inside my body. I like to chill a lot when I had time. I don’t wanna move my legs out of a couch or a bed. I could share a time with only mp3s , books and unidentified minds every time I want to. I know this isn’t my very moment to pronounce I’m a hi-grade being. Oddly, in a holiday, I have these very urges to change my flaws into goodness and at the end produce something. This writing is one realization.

I’d like to issue a deeply measured thought now. About something that’s going on in life. About everyday things I’ve been seeing and bugging by. I have these secret eyes in identifying social rhymes and acts thingy. I believe I’m not a professor in that, or a psychiatrist. But I think I can see the universe differently. At least from the eyes of my surroundings attached in me. I tend to see that my eyes and heart cannot be told by norms or traditions like what to choose, what to hear, when to think, how to act etc. I’ve been hearing people talking about some issues and respond it way too bluntly. By this I mean, they never consider what each actors (of some issues) have been dealing with or feeling about the day before things happened. They just right away bluntly JUDGE their morality.

People do judge, but being very judgmental to each other.

They measure other’s capabilities and lacks. They grade people with terms Good or Bad. Good will always stay and be good, and so does bad. I declare contrary here.  Then again, I am too lazy to explain in writing. But look, I’m t.r.y.i.n.g here. I believe in relativity. I believe something happens for a reason, for a complicated one or just blunt action (but then again, those blunt actions were happened for a matter).

Someone ‘being’ bad is often compared to someone good on television or in our real life. A neighbor finding herself got entered to famous university and our brother didn’t, then goes the comparison. Again, I’m not giving you a story. I’m pouring my concern in a lazy lazy way. Other instance, you yelled on your mother, then you’re labeled as a bloody child. I mean, there’s something going on here, at the UNIVERSE we’re living in. Don’t people measure anymore, and analyze a bit in domestic things? At our houses, at our offices, at our campuses? How and why that ‘bad-beings’ tend to act like BAD robbers, who just robbed someone’s days. There must be a reason to it. To EVERYTHING.

I just got my first nephew, her name is Jeivalma. She’s so damn cute. And even she’s not my own, is my sister’s ‘belonging’, I wanna caress her my way. How world works. That we have our own places and time to think and be smart. I know she’s too little to digest her aunty’s blunt minds which are superior (lol). But for now, I will only help my sister caring for her and let her&husband do the rest. I’ll use my mind for my own benefits. I do gain advantages with this mind.

So my advice, see the world’s diversities! Sell yourself to knowledge spread across it. Learn and apply ‘em to your own life. Don’t get confused too many times and whining about why and how something happened, don’t get mad too long on something. I wanna say, girls and boys they’re not completely different. Maybe boys have little less amount of intuition but they’ll manage everything. Maybe girls have too many concerns on feelings but without these touches world won’t rotate smoothly. (These are minimum advices from me on ‘girls are from Venus & boys are from Mars’ thingy which already makes teenagers or even 20ish confused on understanding opposite sexes)

Well then again, I’d like to bold this one, FEEL THE DIFFERENCES. It’s something big and hard to do, but you’ll be a very rich person. And LESS JUDGING If you see me as a complete messed-up, I don’t care. This is the way I’ve been using for my life. I’m glad and even more thankful because of it.


women (above) and men (below) wear contrast Sarees and “hats” in Jaipur, India.

(below saying) “Do you see the different in cultures??!”