Head Bump

by M. A

when I’m angry, I go to my room and bump my head

Tears fall down

It melts bead by bead, and I know it’s never sadness running along

it’s the urge to torture my body

wetly drifted on my cheeks

If someone asks me what’s wrong,

I lift up my face and smile.

They’re fooled by me.

Because I think, I don’t want somebody to see what’s inside me.

Bumping head, I did it since a lil

I’m never afraid what it’s caused to my brain

Cos I once checked it, there is ‘indeed’ a crack inside my sculp

Truly I’m lost

Emotion’s playing around inside me, making thinnest slices across the heart

I’ll smile though, as much as  I can

By this time, I’m running out of direction,

so please, somebody show me your intriguing plots

I’ll somehow buy ’em if I’m fitted in enough

Now goodnight