Visit Indonesia

by M. A

I post this in regards that this May 25-27th 2010, world is having “THE GLOBAL TRAVEL & TOURISM SUMMIT” in Beijing.

So it wouldn’t hurt for me exposing my country’s exotic sceneries and rich cultures. We “go cheap”, you won’t spend loads of your dollars or any other currencies to experience those moments in the video.

Unlike any other countries which set very high rates on their hotels, transportation, culinary, but very few offers of tourists spots, you could set a price on your own here. You may pick luxurious trip, or “backpacking”. They’re all worth it.

Trust me, there are a lot to see in Indonesia. For you who do photography on nature landscapes and eventful moments, my country is the queen of beauty, your eyes will be pleased and embraced easily.

To be noted, our country is still developing. But the capital city (Jakarta) expresses  elegant metropolitan society. From expensive malls to low-prices flea markets, hi-rates restaurants to side walk dishes,from  motels to 5 stars hotels, everything is here.

So to tourists who are about to begin a delightful journey, look Indonesia up in your “Lonely Planet” book.  😀

See you here.