I’m so happy

by M. A

I’d like to share my very efficient and effective way of life..
that I don’t give a shit to small stuff.

small stuff are different with details. for instance, in an art project, I really pay attention and deep focus onto details that embrace and surround the art. they are tiny, and seemed not very significant. but in fact, they make things look better and nearly perfect.

there, small stuff I object about are something that I’m not mattered when I don’t have what I think I should. for instance, I don’t care when I hadn’t taken a bath for two days when I had to. true..
the weather in Bandung is very cooperative. I rarely get sweat. always moisturized.

These 3 days I feel grateful and delightful. I don’t like to describe it how, I just need to feel it. not to give a shit to small stuff really help me out of disgrace. I got everything under control. rarely feel misplaced. and I don’t like being attacked by panic. again, I live slowly and full of joy, and automatically don’t ‘buy’ panic moment. maybe it’s not always been positive reaction when I meet such moments (disgrace, hatred, failure, unsatisfaction, etc). sometimes I feel i’m so overwhelmingly sensitive. I feel almost everything. good thing that I always can handle it. my secret is to go quiet, and give people silent treatments. (bad villain)

I also live based on logic. I don’t really buy magic and miracles.. although in my life I’ve seen several ones out of situation, but I believe logic explains them (a lot). I’m able to see ghosts in the eye corner sometimes, now that is different, odd creatures beside human are indeed living among us.

I believe people need liberation when they feel they need to.

I can’t let norms and tradition form me into ‘somebody’ they prefer. I let myself being creative and experimental to be a person whom I’ll be proud of later.

well well

let’s not give a shit of it. my writings are small parts of me that en-detail my life to nearly good. (can’t say perfect cos I never feel it isn’t. it is always)