ICAD & World Press Photo 09

by M. A

I went to Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) at Grand Kemang,

the artworks are uber cool:

Indonesian artists should make such exhibition more often. I found several artworks are already sold, the price are supper. For one painting, it worth about $7000, I’ll totally be rich in a second.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that talent.

It’s rejuvenating seeing some artworks in the first day of the year. Yay 2010, and we’re all getting older. But not my spirit. My spirit will stay young.

And then we headed to Pacific Place to see World Press Photo 09,

It was breath taking.

See the last photo? He is a victim of Cyclone Nargis in Burma. His skins turned out wizened. I cannot imagine being a press photographer in such atmosphere. I must be going nuts. You should go there. It opens until January 4th.

But most of all,

I certainly am, AMUSED by the exhibitions. I starve of artworks.