A good faith always lead you good.

by M. A

I probably am nuts. I recently think what will I achieve in several years ahead? It’s like I put too hard weight on my shoulder about it. Who am I going to be, what am I gonna achieve, what kind ofย  things will come over, and so on. And I just found out, that a person my age has been destined to feel that way. But as times goes by, we’ll find ourselves in the edge of path direction that will put us on those career (if we talk about one).

And later, as ourselves are mature enough, possess everything it needs, put in some condition and situation with fitted capitals such as networking, confidence, and of course ability in our own fields, we will eventually be ‘that’ person we have been pondering of in our time. I believe in it, I believe everything has been created since I was born. But sorry, I don’t believe in some kind of destinies. My view is, if we got a deep faith on what we want, what we need, we will achieve that. It will be pursued by our ambition, by our faith, by our ability.

Destiny’s weak.

That is what I often say. In pursuing our own happiness, it doesn’t have to be destined. Maybe, our old folks give in our mind a bowl of examples what is it, a happiness? Some fit in, some may not. And I will not give a shit on what you’re choosing. I love when people happy because they have pursued their own happiness. By trying hard, by good efforts, by effective management, by being loved and to love, by singing, by dancing, anything.

I am not destined to be a piano player if I do not like it. But when I found myself attracted by its genuine tunes, I went to learn about it. My folks said I should learn about classical piano, I said No!, I went to learn by my self pop, jazzy, lounge tunes and I’m happy. That what makes me wanna learn a lot and become a piano player. Because I’m happy playing it.

Well, It’s almost new year 2010.

Cruel cruel tragedies had happened in 2009, sweet ones as well. Ups and downs came over and I accepted with a big heart. Even now I got hepatitis A. The point is, Those things lead me somewhere. And so will in 2010. Some cases will happen. I’m not waiting, I love every minute every second God’s given to me.

Now, some prayer for next year,

I demand

gears and accessories for my Camera! ๐Ÿ™‚