They Say: “Terlalu Manis, Untuk Dilupakan..”

by M. A

Meet Anty, Miko, and Mpu’. In such weird Saturday (for me), They picked me up and decided to ride along with Vallerine’s “Cave” car. Searching for low light . Craving for some affordable drinks, food and good view. We screamed that night, We shouted inside the car, “Terlalu Manis, Untuk Dilupakan, Kenangan yang indah, bersamamu, di dalam mimphiiiiiii..” 🙂

Dad visited me yesterday, I missed him, and I love hanging out with him without having myself think and consider about many complicated things. And actually, It was fun and he was ‘so okay’ crashing several malls with me. We got our coffees at Starbucks, talked,  seeing stuff, and I feel so great. Thank you, Dad. Always proud to be your daughter.