When to Karaoke is to Kill Time

by M. A

It’s not just that, it’s where you howl out your skill of singing, (which is LACK). So I’d like to introduce you guys, they’re Cencen and Shenny my housemates. Last night we decided to have some crazy night (again) after dealing with such papers and thesis. Well, the karaoke place itself was quite cozy, and cheap, even lack of new song entries, “Lemonade”. For unimportant info, I almost hit Cencen’s car (lame).

We started out with Katy Perry’s “I Fuck a girl and I like it” (ups, wrong lyrics). Cencen’s voice was quite good, I never thought of it. well I often hear her shouting in our house, how can I suppose so? hahahhaaha, Shenny’s? hmm, hilarious. Maybe she was a wedding singer, (weird) that’s just my thought. lol

Look at Shenny’s face. Isn’t she lovely?

Oh yea, I must also conclude, that Cencen being so racist that time, she kept on pointing on Chinese people and their stuff. Well I mean, what’s wrong with Chinese? I have a lot of Chinese friends. I know she was joking. Cencen will have to get married! and she will awfully say harsh things to me if she read it. LOL