Sweet October?

by M. A

I was called Mutia, then turned out to Mute, and recently I’m finding myself be called Myut. I don’t care, just call me whenever you saw me, I’ll say Hi Back! even though I rarely remember your name. Don’t blame me, it’s a disease I suppose. Well last night I did something crazy and awesome, indeed it’s my first time drinking with lots of peeps. It’s not that I want to ruin your lil sisters’ behavior, but I really think I got a great night and great story to tell.

well, some college guy gave me a ride, he hit me with a question, “Mute, are you in touch with some guy right now?” i went silently. Then he tried to accuse me, with “do you think I’m high right now?” I went with a ‘No?’. “Yes cos I’m not, and I’m sorry, this is the way I am. I’m frontal, will you answer my question?”. That was the first thing.

And then the night was going wilder, We arrived at my friend house, then we played card stacks called “Right The Buzz”,  where everyone got their turns to guess what card will turn out the same as he’s predicted. If your prediction’s wrong, you need to drink your own shots, if you’re right, you may point someone out to drink it. We played aawahaay, people getting very excited. Then, -shake my head- I didn’t know what dream I had the other last night, but my guy friend pointed me to drink -first- one sip -turned out- to 2 shots, then 6 shots. Why on earth.. my body swallowed it until the time..

Yes I was very high, also my friends were. They mumbled and mumbled, saying things that don’t exist (well I, myself was scribbling about Draculas and Antonio Banderas, talking cows, as an influence of Interview with the Vampire movie). But this best man of mine was being a John Lennon. He thought he was raised in England. and I don’t know why he was very upset when his lighter -that he bought in Bali- was hidden somewhere. He took his cigarette, then kept on mumbling “Don’t you know I’m a smoker now?”…. (weird). Not long after, he longed for Lady Gaga song ‘Poker Face’ and was rage his self out cos it wasn’t in the play list.

We were young and lucky. I don’t whine. I don’t whine for finally doing it, or not doing it. Such a thing is rare in Indonesia. But I got this opportunity, I got my chance to dig it. It is sad that we only have 2 years left in College. Maybe someday it’ll be a great joke of our life time. Cheers

Lookkkaatt thaaatalrighty mate

another british