Sophomore NYC

by M. A

Well I grab several pics on their site which you can see at my blog roll. So im curiously attracted by their amusement on the catalog. Go see it.

“I miss YOU, simple.”

I love girls who take off their bras in sunny days. I love boys who quit measuring their tits. (whoopsieh)

again, I’m not promoting,

I kinda miss those fancy faces and lines in my previous life.


So yeah, there will be Javasoulnation 2009 here in Jakarta. The promoter has confirmed The Ting Tings will perform here.  who’s gonna come see ’em with me? I don’t care, i’ll be there. It’s a bit frustrating tho, I’ve lost one escort to watch every concerts preformed in my country. But I think I’ll do just fine. I got money on me, i tend to buy those tickets and cheers on their acts.

Week of holiday has come to an end. Tomorrow I’ll head back to Bandung, finish every duties. Isn’t anyone sometimes willing to abandon his/her tasks? I sometimes do. Oh darn, just wrap ’em up.