Confession in Return Part II

by M. A

Alright, this is major urgency.

Help help help I miss my inspiration, totally.

I WANNA SPIT. well, Im certainly blabbering.

I, I, I, I.. I gotta go back tomorrow.

Well yeah, I won’t come back until I-Don’t-Know

Who will accompany me seeing The Ataris or The Ting Tings? well, I’m panicked. I feel all the feelings ate me from inside.

I know yesterdays I could be okay, and so tomorrow I will.

It’s like seeing your pictures slap me. It’s dangerous. I know you’d say “we are not supposed to, I don’t want to ruin..”

Well, this is major madness. When I was with you, i always took  responsibilities, not to say ‘something that might hurt you’, not to do ‘something nice to you’, not to care ‘of your wellness’, not to say ‘anything that You hate’.

Well, well, well, It’s like i wanna keep writing. Keep on blabbering. Even I just wanna stop when I take my pills (there when I fall asleep).

What would I do? what would I plan to? I don’t know. This hand just don’t want to stop typing..

No, I don’t cry. My lips are dried already. I, I, I.. am just shaking. I don’t know, somebody p/l/e/a/s/e  h/e/l/p  m/e

Too much duties tomorrow, I thought that I could through you for many Once Again(s).

Hey you know, I’ve just lost my perfume. Yes Burberry Beat that you used to smell. I’ve lost it. I lost my iPod as well. Perfect. Yesterday, I wanted to see you from far away. You remember right, you said the same thing, I denied. but again, maybe it’s destined. My car was being robbed. So there, i lost my opportunity.

hmm.. I think I’m fine n/o/w I don’t know.

and I know you hate me, all my words and appearances in front of you..