Go For Dimes

by M. A

Do i ever learn something from a book?

Yes, i do. often.

i read this book titled “Don’t sweat the small stuff (Carlson R.)” that my partner gave to me as a birthday present (the only birthday gift i got in 20). The book told us about how to live more effectively and mostly how to balance our mood around lack emotions we’re dealing with everyday. There are 100 lessons in the book, i read it very carefully, page by page. seriously this book has brought me to the higher phase i can ever be now.  It’s adhesive, remained in my soul.

it is fun, reading a book. every time i get alone i carry it everywhere, thinking i probably have time to read some when somehow. it’s my bible now, pocket book. i don’t wanna be separated from it. Lol.

i feel so encouraged. oh so wonderful,

besides mingling with books, internet has been my enlightenment of mood these days. I search sorts of new acknowledgments, almost any kind of magical thing. even though i hate when my head get so dizzy and beaten up. it hurts like shit. do i have a brain cancer? (hope not)

internet, love it. maybe it’s because i got unlimited subscription, so I’m not worried about the bill.

NEXT is WEEDS SERIES. Man, i cannot describe how the movie amazed me. A drug dealer mommy tried to build her own weeds business for family income. I’m probably insane, i adore weeds/series. Mary-Louise Parker did it well. so preety, so dangerous, so adventurous. her children are ‘pfftt’ brilliant! weeds business makes dimes. But i doubt it when indonesian deals, so not cool. (what is it Mut? wkwkwkwk).

hey, what is your plan for this year? or month? or Week? and have you already got satisfaction with what you do?

I think i have one. I do wanna make zillion of dimes!