Bandung Musicians

by M. A

I love THE S.I.G.I.T

THE S.I.G.I.T, A tribute to Sir Ading, Bumi Sangkuriang

They are leaders.

I think there are many amusing indie bands in Indonesia, particularly in Bandung. I often say to my friend that I love Bandung musicians. Fortunately they are more appreciative and not argumentative. They just make music, play it on stage (or not) until they sweat on it.

When I was in High School back then, I went to indie gigs almost in every week. The gigs were held in some cafes or  squares. I can say that there was my place, where i belong, hearing and seeing stage performances.

The genres such Screamo or rock n roll are often being my choice in music. I heard ARCK, I heard Too Late To Notice, I heard MARCH, I heard KILLM’S, etc.

It is very different now. I got assumption that i prefer Bandung musicians. I’m in love with THE S.I.G.I.T in 2nd grade, trying to hear their album every morning, and also sleep with it.

Now in my year of college, I take a look at some good gigs that’re held. I like Indie folks such as C.U.T.S, Speaker 1st, Contra Indigo etc. The front man of SPEAKER 1st said “Gua bangga banget lahir dan jadi musisi di Bandung, satu sama lain saling peduli, dan sangat apresiatif”. And it was echoing in my ears. I like his statement. I think it’s true.

The S.I.G.I.T new album called ” Hertz Dyslexia ” has been issued!