Alter Ego

by M. A

So i just got back from CIWALK,

I took pictures in a booth,  here it is, what’s on your mind exatcly after seeing this?

Maybe, “Aa Bukan Mute! bukaan bukaaaann..!!!”

yea, keep shouting..

i kinda have alter ego. sometimes i get so close to people.. sometimes i don’t need to.  sometimes i choose to be “NOT A GIRL AT ALL” and i love it.

here’s also me:

so, yes, psycho, i got alter ego.. i’m proud.

if you’re saying, “that is not good.. “

I would say, “have you ever been so good in your life?”

Sometimes i enjoy my sanctuary time in being a woman. Not a girl, because i don’t like the term of “Girl”. I love maturity. I love adultery (looh!?). But so far, I love my decision, everything I can be, then I’ll be.