A letter from Acac

by M. A

I would like to post a very precious writing,

Seorang sahabat,

Seorang teman cewek yang selalu mendefinisikan hidup itu not always perfect, Chacha. Cheering me up when she wrote a letter to me, that says,

Dear Mute,

This is something that might cheer you up.. or might not.. but you still have to give me “A” for effort. Off course I won’t stand still looking you break down like this. I would try to do anything in anyway just to say “I’m hear here for you”

But I’m not touching that department, cause:

1st I’m not very good at it.. hardly have experience about it

2nd It’s too painful

3rd I’m sure you can handle it better when you’re on your own..

But I’m here now just talking about how great you are.. you are the only one that I could trust and you know how special is that?? I’m so grateful to even know you.. to be able sharing our thought.. and you always making me feel great about myself…

Do you know that, all these year my mom been giving me the stereotype “How Men Should Be”, “How almost all men are jerk”, I’m not blaming her for what so ever but it’s just not too good for me, and I know that she didn’t mean too.. but you break it!! You make me more open minded… you makes me think that I deserve better.. you always balance me up!! And it’s been very helpful, cause sometimes “world” not always right.. sometimes I just have to hold on to what I believe in.. and you teach me that..

You always been this low profile and exclusive in the same time.. and I still don’t know how you can manage that.. you should teach me that.. Lol…

You always been so concern about me and I’m very thankful… it’s always a nice feeling to know someone care…

And there so many things sooo very great about you but I have to go to class…

I hope you feel this great about yourself cause I know “I am!!”

Ps: When you go abroad.. and I know someday you will.. I’m gonna miff you!!

Muach.. muach


I don’t need to type quotations here, her letter makes me so much happier. More grateful, that sometimes I feel so lost about who I am exactly. But she reminds me. In the middle of chaos in my life. I still got some folk that knows she care. She doesn’t want me to mourn and how can’t I be so thankful?

Makasi ya cha..

Makasiii banget.

Your “Nunga-Nunga” letter keeps me peacefully.

I don’t have so much people to be called ‘friends’.

I only got few of ‘em, and they’re the best.

You’re a friend, and you’re the best. Smoga lo baca ya Cha..