Another life’s occurence

by M. A

Peewwee.. finally mid semester test has done. I can breathe again; sleep again, pay attention for myself, especially my health that has been neglected since February. I smoke lately. I love it. I love every single roan. Every time I sit awhile, and not doing anything. My brain went frozen. It stuck. I take my cigarettes.

But *sigh there is some dilemma. The money I spent on it really cut off my daily budgets. Which are for eating, transport, and small stuff. Sometimes I don’t eat because cigarette provides my needs. There’s no appetite to eat. I feel so unhealthy, Doh. But I just let it flow. If I don’t need to smoke, I save money.

And this Tuesday, I rented Cosmopolitan Magazine; I can’t believe that I finally digest the contents. It’s like; the contents are made for me. A person in my age. In the previous time, my sister subscribed it. And I wasn’t interested. Does it mean that I’m a grown up now? Sure I can take my time being an innocent person, labile kiddo, running nose geek and so on. But I want to confess, this thing makes me happy. Like bless. And I’m so serious about it. I like to play an adult’s role. It’s fun. I want to enjoy it until my last time. Nevertheless, adults are just a bunch of kid with money rite? That’s why, sometimes we cheat, sometimes we’re being selfish, opportunist, aggressive, and these attitudes are more likely as child’s.

Still, I’m so amazed that finally I am able to read Cosmo. In the earlier time, I just saw the photos, tag lines, stories etc. But now the tips and phenomenon are so my life (not every time).

I love to see my blog, which is solitary. Like the one who writes it.

Adultery moment has come. It has taken me to the higher place in the universe. And now I just have to run for bigger things and other wicked moments.

The Adultery Moment

The Adultery Moment

Okay now, let’s sleep.