by M. A

and now i don’t have to be so close and near with people around me.


there’s my current feeling

i’m really looking for myself, a mystery.

i don’t need any inspiration, distraction,

i wanna lay down, if i can, feeling balanced

can i handle myself? can i handle my thoughts which always comes first before deciding,

i’m picky, even i feel picky to songs that’s rolling in my play list,

i don’t want some singers using my situation as their perfect example of the word’s accuracy

i insist my own songs, my own comfortable tunes since i met no one, since i feel nothing. i need to synchronize my parts that separated.

i won’t get near to people i don’t need to hear, usual crap, hates, no i won’t be so nice standing so long hearing you mumbling.

let’s see something that i can do.

Time eases all things – Oedipus Rex