Okay, New Year, Okay..

by M. A

Here goes the holiday..

A precious time (as heard) for people who waited for it to come. Not for me I guess. The basic assumption is I never wait for any holiday, or i can say I wait for another agenda, occasion, affairs, even tragic tragedy. Lol..

I look for a dime when holiday (as wished before). In this case I would say it as ‘day-offs’. This time I push my mind to spill out another wicked idea to do everyday.

I do shortly not like the main idea of sharing my day in a writing. To whine, I would prefer. Like what I do now.

Okay, for the interlude, these days, I’m getting really sick by people who often ask me where was I going, what was I doing, with who, or what time will I get home. (so, you have already got it, the questions are from my homies). Not only them, but several friends. Sure I miss ‘em, but I think missing me is not the right thing to do. Cos I will absent on their life and escaping. I escape for my harmony of life. I won’t have to bother about my existence in colleagues circle, or particular societies. I searched for my needs.

Things wouldn’t get so easy when I ditch them and their questions. I often answer with 1 or 2 words and not continuing or explaining. Bet it makes them furious. Can’t care. Let us not raising our intonation here okay, Peeps? Let us be cool, calm, understand that people would search for their own quality, (at least to me).

The Christmases and new years effect had turned many idea of ‘day-offs’. I cannot think that this is the only time and opportunity, at the final verdict become a necessity to waste money, money, and money, (money do the talking), to spend the days in the other site of town. I am with the people who agree that, money shouldn’t have to be wasted because of unnecessary necessity. If we need to travel, let’s say YES. QUALITY, it is number one. Do we already have the budget, do we already know what place to see, do we already calculate it so we got the climax of the traveling itself eventually? And the most important thing is ARE WE INTERESTED TO GO THERE?

But Mom and Dad seem not calculating it, let’s just say they are afford to go everywhere (don’t affect), and suddenly they asked me to go with them to West Sumatra. I’ve gone there for million time, and I don’t really like it when they insist me to come and bribe me with a new lens (this one, I can’t deny. Lol. <they don’t buy it at the end, sigh>). Yeah they think it is a must that we spend our new year there. Please, if I don’t like, don’t insist. I feel pity, they really want it. Sorry Dad, do what you need to. If the bribe won’t shine up. Lol..

So everyday, I take a ride, I have trips to go, taking pictures, buying books, hunting DVDs I have desired, or chilling with my friend. At this time between 2008 and 2009, I am contemplating about resolution (new ones, cos the old ones have already accomplished), reflecting my mind and my soul and my idea, about who I will become, what challenges will I exceed, how will I go through it, and how do I enhance my life. Yes, MY OWN BREATH I use for living.

Cool, I am pretty concern about this whine. I wanna be cool forever. With everything that happened to my surroundings. Forever, I wanna be wise. I wanna feel incomplete and unsatisfied with my current life and I’m asking for more to come (let learn myself about them). This is the end of 2008, I wanna say thank you, I wanna say that I’m grateful of what I have and I have felt this year, what I’ve achieved and what I’ve sacrificed, I want more of life.. THANK THE YEAR!

Mrs. Finney: Can’t we have peace in this house even on New Year’s Eve?
Sadie: You got it mixed up with Christmas. New Year’s Eve is when people go back to killing each other. -from A Letter to Three Wives movies