It has to go astray, “A part of me”

by M. A

“A part of me” now has to swathe the story

In a fine, lovely, delicate brown box and red ribbon attached on it

Placed under the exquisite lamp on a flat black table

I still remember our conversation

A very impulsive, bitter conversation

About what we want and what we need

There is me who always being an appreciator to perform the accomplishment of your desires

Hey, “A part of me”, do I do mistaking?

Hey, “A part of me”, shall I reverse and pick over a point so it would be as perfect as you want it to be?

Hey, “A part of me”, I was in unsteady condition, and i am still.

I would chase the sun for you, “A part of me”

I would freeze the time so we can spend it together as long as we want

I would mute myself and the entire world if you wanna hear the clock’s ticking really slightly

But now, “A part of me”,

You’ll be pacing on your promising path

Move along with your apt stroll

And I’m looking forward to a jar of hope and get better

Expecting you to have what you desire

And all i think about later is you have your way eventually

So goodbye “A part of me”

Always been a pleasure to have you in my crux