breathe in colors

by M. A

and now i am expressing a bit of my life by a poetry,

i was falling into your deepest hug, deepest part of the world that i would run into
you showed me how much you loved me with your lips and arms,
i could feel every beat of yours to me when i open my eyes,
when it rains, when it’s dark, when we’re outside and i know that i have you and I’m with you,
you have whispered the sound of your voice through my deepest heart cells
you’ve shown ’em to me how to be a perfect person in imperfect life

i felt like i was in paradise, just to woke up and seeing you breathing beside me
time was sleeping, we tricked,
all of days and nights those mean everything to me
no hesitation, that you built a home for me

now you left, you surrender
you feel something wrong about us
that i don’t need to see
it’ll all be wasted away

how do i patch up my life again?
cos it all has broken
cos i don’t want nothing at all in my life but you
cos you’re the only aspect where my lungs could breathe in at the end
whole the world you’ve shown to me with your smiles
whole life that you’ve made me seeing it not in just black and white
but in gold, silver, blue, purple, yellow, gray, red and other colors that i would have never seen before

you just have to know that you’re my breath factor that has gone astray
you’ve shown to me how to breathe a life

as i’m trying to be a bit honest, I’m just adoring a person, loving, and caring, but it has to stop.

two years of memoirs.